The best and brightest SMEs

Smart50 is SmartCompany’s suite of award programs made to uncover and celebrate exceptional innovation, growth, community and leadership at Australian small and medium businesses.

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Smart50 programs are created in collaboration with partners and continue to grow. Find out about getting involved.

The best of Australian business

Founders turn to Smart50 for recognition of their SMEs.

Smart50 winners rake in billions, make big acquisitions, set new business trends. All of them stay in the headlines.

The top 50

For 15+ years, SmartCompany’s annual award program counts down the 50 fastest growing Australian SMEs.

The Smart50 2024 entries open June 2024.

The standouts

SmartCompany also takes this time to recognise the true standouts of the list for values beyond growth, including best sustainability practices, incredible workplace culture and most innovation.

Smart50 past winners

Athan Didaskalou,
co-founder, July,
winner at The Smart50
Awards 2022

Monique Filer,
co-founder, B.Box For Kids,
winner at The Smart50
Awards 2016, 2017

Beau Bertoli,
Prospa co-founder,
winner at The Smart50
Awards 2016

“We had so much positive press as a result, and people we speak to still reference that win.”

“Really gives us credibility and gives our distributors comfort that we're a legitimate business and someone that they would want to work with.”

“It opened up a whole bunch of conversations with investors”

Everything you need to know

When will Smart50 entries open?

Entries for The Smart50 Awards 2023 open 14 August 2023. The Smart50 Awards 2023 winners will be announced on November 14 in Melbourne.

Where can I find out more information?

Download Smart50 2023 entry criteria here. The 2024 entry criteria will be uploaded soon but will ask for similar information. The best way, though, is to sign up for the updates below.

For further questions about the awards or sponsorship, please contact

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry prices for different Smart50 programs vary, pricing information will be available once entries open.

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